Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Alternative View: The Dredd Files

Grudd I hate this bit of the Meg. It's an analysis of each Dredd story has been since the birth of 2000 AD. Each issue, David Bishop, of Thrill Power Overload fame, details the story in each each Dredd episode, along with the characters introduced and some insights into how Mega City One concepts we know today were developed. It's just not my thing, but Andrew Kaplan of Las Vegas, USA disagrees with me. He wrote to Dreddlines in Meg 222 to stick up for this oft derided section of the Meg. Here's his defence reproduced from that letter:

[Regarding] The Dredd Files... It always seems like the standard history of the Dredd strip reads like 'The character first appeared in the second issue, and there were a bunch of stories establishing his world, including the Robot Revolt one, and then Pat Mills wrote the Cursed Earth mega-saga, which will be the first one we'll discuss in any depth whatsoever.' This is the first time I have seen those early strips given any sort of detailed consideration... Makes a nice change from the usual perspective, and it allows folks like me who weren't there at the beginning to see how things developed. I don't know if it's a series that needs to run indefinitely, but this coverage of the early years is fascinating.

So there you go. Thanks Andrew. Possibly the only person on the planet to enjoy The Dredd Files? Or do you like them too? Tweet me or write a comment. Love to hear your thoughts...

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